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Text Box: Shared Services Design, Implementation and Optimisation

What is Shared Services?

A shared services center is a business unit that performs administrative transactions for numerous divisions or subsidiaries of the same company, rather than having those transactions conducted in every division or subsidiary.


To reduce costs and improve non-core operations such as finance, human resource management, and IT, many organizations have turned to shared services.

After years of successful implementations across a broad range of industries and geographies, the shared services center has become an accepted business model used by organizations to achieve tangible, long-lasting results.  This is especially important in the growing global environment which is characterized by mergers, acquisitions, joint-ventures, downsizing  and uncertainty. 

By ending duplications of effort and streamlining business processes and information systems, shared services can generate enormous cost savings, on average to be approximately 20%.


The question is: What makes the Shared Services model so different and what will make it successful?


What do we do?

We lead companies through the restructuring of support operations into a service-oriented business unit through a 3-step process:

· Feasibility assessment,

· Design,

· Build, test and implement


We also assist in the optimisation of current or planned shared services units through:

· establishment of continuous improvement culture

· developing high performance, customer-centric teams

· establishing a roadmap for Highly Effective Shared Services through all the stages of maturity

· providing executive performance coaching for Shared Services leaders


Finally we help Matured Shared Services to…

· Teach team members to identify and develop their own and the team’s strengths

· Measure and improve customer engagement

· Evaluate and improve the performance system with KPI’s that will add to the overall performance of the team

· Establish and increase the overall impact of brand for the team

· Improve SLA and SLA management processes that strengthens customer relationships


Benefits of a Shared Services function

· Significant cost reduction

· Process improvement

· Standardisation and consolidation

· Improved controls

· Improved cost visibility


What can be expected?

· Optimisation of the back office functions through benchmarking and metrics

· Improved quality of back-office operations due to a focus on continuous improvement and creating a service-oriented culture



Shared Services Approach and Methodology


Our approach is based on the philosophy that Shared Services feasibility should be based on a balanced, integrated approach of process, people, technology and structure.  Our approach derived from this experience is based on the need for integration.


Our integrated methodology:

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